Our Farmers

The Godwar Farmers Collective is a collective of 120 farmer members in the Udaipur, Rajsamand and Pali districts of Rajasthan. 99% of these farmers are small and marginal tribal farmers.

The Godwar Farmers Collective aims to bring together these farmers members and help them with direct access to markets without any middlemen.

Farmer Support

The project aims to help these farmers by

  • Providing a consistent market and higher prices for their produce. This increased income is necessary to make farming sustainable.
  • Helping convert them to organic farming and soil stewardship. For this, credible certification is essential to build consumer trust.
  • Helping them reduce external inputs so that 90% of what they earn is retained on their farms.
  • Helping them market their produce and create a new paradigm for business.
  • Earning the trust of customers by giving them the highest quality vegetables.

Fair price

Godwar Farmers Collective not only guarantees a fair price to the farmers, it also facilitates picking up the produce at farm gate whereby reduces the time and energy spent on transporting the produce to the nearest market. Moreover, it instils confidence and pride to farming.


Agriculture Advancement Support

The collective helps its farmer members with latest technical know-how, government schemes and policies and access to experts who help our farmers with their operations.


Women's Empowerment

GFC also supports a women’s self-help group by employing a group of elderly women, organized into a self help group for sorting and grading our produce. The self help group mostly supports elderly women who needs financial support but cannot get work in the market due to age and physical inability. However, their patience and experience helps us in choosing the best quality produce for our subscribers.