An incredible detox program that has been tried-tested across age groups, professions and countries, the ORGANIC INDIA CLEAN program comes highly recommended. Read on to know the benefits and why it is absolutely critical you get on to the plan today!

Here is what some users say:

‘I was fast burning out! The program banished fatigue and upped my energy! says Bharat, a businessman in his early 30s

 ‘My sleep quality improved, even as I felt more aware and lighter!’ - Geetanjali educator, in her 30s

‘My wife, diagnosed with MS, felt her energy levels go up; and my bloating and digestive irritants were eased. My mother’s going to go on this too!’ Pavneet, an entrepreneur in his 40s

 ‘Standing and lecturing for hours saps vitality. The program rejuvenated me!’ Daisy, DU professor, in her 50s

‘It’s an incredible detox program. It completely changed my life. Connected me to my body.’ Gwyneth Paltrow, Hollywood actor in her 40s

 ‘I felt it set my skin glowing, and no more constipation!’- Anita Puri, retired school teacher, in her 60s


It is a complete detox package that ensures startling benefits of the well-being of the mind and body; you are also likely to drop extra weight. Users across age groups swear by it and experience specific gains. Most tend to return to the practice several times in a year - as does Oscar winner Gwyneth Paltrow, a strong proponent of the program.

In a nutshell, ORGANIC INDIA CLEAN is a 21-day program that comprises a diet of healthy smoothies for breakfast and dinner; supplements to optimally fulfil dietary requirements; and hydrating infusions – to be had through the day. Lunch is a healthy meal that may be arrived at after consultations with ORGANIC INDIA experts.

Packaged into a neat box, the smoothie powders, teas and supplements come with clear usage instructions and benefits. There is also a 7-day plan.


As Dr Alejandro Junger, who created the plan, explains: The natural detoxification system in our bodies is unable to process the increasing barrage of toxins that we are subjected to through the environment, food and water. The toxins are fat-soluble and lead to fat tissue developing, hindering the functioning of the other systems. This leads to a disruption in our body mechanisms and accumulation of waste, eventually triggering disease.

ORGANIC INDIA CLEAN performs a simple but immensely important function: It accelerates the body's natural detoxification process and comprehensively helps in the elimination of wastes and toxins.

The cleansing and detoxification process manifests in visible physical and psychological results that may be witnessed even within the duration of the plan. The 21-day version particularly, not only enhances energy and vitality but also has far-reaching emotional, mental and spiritual benefits.


Help improves digestion & metabolism: The smoothies which contain psyllium husk along with a blend of rice and pea protein powder – and health-giving herbs including Tulsi and probiotics – help to ease the gut. Among the supplements, the ones specific to stomach care are Bowelcare, Triphala and Tulsi Tummy.

Help relieves stress & anxiety, provides clarity & deep sleep – The Brahmi herb, an ingredient in the smoothie, and infusions Tulsi Lax and Tulsi Wellness act like tonics to help calm the mind and lead to improved sleep. Geetanjali, in her 30s, was having trouble sleeping. Once she got onto the program she says other than her main purpose of detoxification for gut health, she was pleasantly surprised that she began to sleep much better.

Help removes fat deposits & toxins and triggers weight loss and maintenance - The smoothies which are an important part of the CLEAN package are highly filling and keeps one satiated. The rice protein and psyllium blend – components of the smoothie help in achieving this effect.

Helps improve energy levels and vitality – The smoothies contain the powerful herbs ashwagandha and moringa which are natural energisers. Along with pea protein, the daily intake of the smoothies will have you recharged. Bharat an entrepreneur, just 32, declares he had begun to feel older than his age and exhausted. He tried this and is now a fan! An energetic fan.


Dr Junger says, those who are new to detoxification will naturally find the practice hard to follow in the beginning but he assures that in just a few days, one’s system adjusts to the routine.
The benefits are tangible. Skin glow and more energy may be observed within seven days of being on the program.
All herbs used in the smoothies, supplements and infusions are certified organic and safe to have.
The physiological gains help to boost confidence. Adds Dr Junger: “You would be doing your gut a good turn, helping to get rid of the waste in your body, and also reaping dividends of sleep, skin glow, shedding extra weight and better ability to tackle life situations with a calmer mind!”