Guide to Winter Wellness and Immunity

Guide to Winter Wellness and Immunity

Winter brings a welcome drop in temperature but along with this comes a range of potential ails. Your immune system is called upon to be on high alert. It’s critical that you give it additional support this season, especially.


With the health crisis still raging the world over, focusing on your immunity must be a top priority to ensure a winter of wellness. The best way to build up immunity is to focus on your diet. Ensure you are eating the season’s fresh produce in leafy greens - excellent sources of folate, fiber, calcium, iron, and vitamins C and K, that encourage immune cells in the gut to function properly.


You may not feel so thirsty this season but make sure you get those glasses of water anyway. The magical elixir helps to transport oxygen to the cells in your body thereby allowing your system to function properly. It also removes toxins from the body which in turn helps protect your immunity.


Another good idea to work on your immunity this season is to dip into age-old, tried tested Ayurvedic remedies. So, cinnamon, ginger, turmeric, honey… lace your daily diet with everyday good foods. However, most of us with busy urban lives may falter in ensuring we are doing all we can to boost our immunity. This is where ORGANIC INDIA’s offer of the immunity-boosting bouquet of products comes into the picture. Make them part of your winter health routine and gift your loved ones a bouquet of wellness too. 


Keep your system cocooned in wellness with ORGANIC INDIA’s Chyawanprash, a rich natural blend of healing herbs with immunity-boosting antioxidants. It helps strengthens digestion and liver function and detoxifies the system. Chyawanprash also contains its star ingredient Alma which is rich in vitamin C. It has naturally mineral-rich, organic jaggery, honey, giving it a pleasant taste. Mix it into junior’s milk or spread it on his bread if liked – get innovative!


Eliminate intestinal toxins and nurture a healthy gut for long-lasting defence with ORGANIC INDIA’s Triphala. It helps strengthens digestion and nutritional assimilation and helps regulate metabolism. Triphala is made of the golden trinity of herbs, Amalaki (the high source of heat-stable Vitamin C), Bibhitaki (helps controls blood sugar levels) and Haritaki (promotes excellent digestion and removes toxins). Triphala is also a rich source of natural Vitamin C and is suitable for people of all age groups, making it a popular daily choice.


A ‘miracle’ herb ginger, has 25 antioxidants! So add this good food to your everyday meals. Another common but invaluable presence in the Indian kitchen, turmeric, too packs a solid punch. It has high anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory qualities. But remember only 3% of the active ingredient in turmeric, curcumin, is absorbed into your system so infusions with turmeric are good to add-on. Curcumin has such strong anti-inflammatory properties that it matches effectiveness with over the counter medicines but without the side effects. Sip of ORGANIC INDIA’S de-stressing infusions - Ginger Turmeric and Tulsi Ginger – and do your immune system a good turn as you relax over the refreshing brew.


With the mercury falling and air pollution going up, your respiratory system is under threat. Manage such conditions with a blend of organic herbs Pushkarmool, Krishna Tulsi, Bibhitaki and Pippali in ORGANIC INDIA’s Breathe Free supplement. Its main ingredient Pushkarmool with a combination of these herbs is perfectly geared to help protect and help heal lung conditions.


The reason why joint pains flare-up in the winter is because pain receptors become more sensitive due to the drop in the atmospheric pressure. This causes muscle spasms and swelling between tissues and joints, causing pain. Boost your bone health and keep pain at bay with ORGANIC INDIA’s Osteoseal. Each capsule contains Harjor, Sahijan, and Shatavari – a clutch of herbs rich in calcium, phosphorus, vitamins, and amino acids – all geared to strengthen bones. Harjor is a vital ingredient which boasts the trinity of medicinal benefits- antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial. You may want to use this supplement in combination with ORGANIC INDIA’s Flexibility – which helps both to reduce pain and swelling of joints in the morning, and increases mobility. This supplement has Motha, Ashwagandha, Guruchi and Rama Tulsi – herbs with strong anti-inflammatory properties. The primary ingredient Motha is primed to flush out toxins and effectively resolve digestive system disorders.


One of the best foods to boost immunity naturally is honey. ORGANIC INDIA’s Organic Honey is pure, helps manage asthma, and builds immunity against allergies, making it a must-add to your wellness routine. Lace your cup of ORGANIC INDIA’S Tulsi Ginger Turmeric infusion with the sweet goodness of honey. In fact, you may substitute sugar with honey in anything you choose – yes, even in baking that fruit cake.


Hurry up and stock up on your winter wellness action plan and enjoy the season of cool – healthy and happy.