Green Tea with Tulsi: Powerhouse of goodness!

Green Tea with Tulsi: Powerhouse of goodness!

Green Tea with Tulsi: Powerhouse of goodness!

Did you know that green tea dates back to more than 3,000 years, and was first discovered in Southeast Asia? Known for its medicinal and therapeutic properties, it is no longer only part of Asian culture but has pervaded many parts of the world and has become a popular health drink.

ORGANIC INDIA’s green teas are aromatic, soothing and make for a refreshing sip any time of day. Green tea is famous for its antioxidant properties that neutralize free radicals to prevent or slow down damage to the cells. They also bring with them several benefits:  help balance blood sugar, reduce inflammation and stress levels, and help lower blood pressure and cholesterol. And a much-popularised benefit - also stimulates fat burning that helps maintain optimal weight and improves hair and skin.

The green teas packs double the punch as they come infused with Tulsi, the ‘queen of herbs. So with each sip of the beverage, along with the benefits of green tea, you also get the goodness of Tulsi. Whew! So much in this energizing, flavourful cuppa.

With five variants to choose from – classic, lemon ginger, pomegranate, jasmine and ashwagandha – ORGANIC INDIA’S Tulsi Green Tea is further fortified with the herb, fruit or flower of your choosing – all with known Ayurvedic benefits. This potent combination has a delicious taste and leaves no lingering bitterness.

With the many benefits of these flavoursome green teas comes the assurance of them being certified organic. Organic teas are grown without the many chemical fertilizers and pesticides that are used to grow conventional teas. The natural nutrients and minerals used instead produce higher quality tea leaves that are healthier and more nutritious.


You may sip these stimulating infusions with a spoonful of ORGANIC INDIA Honey Wild Forest, if liked. Savour the cup of ORGANIC INDIA Tulsi Green Tea and feel your mood brighten as you relax your mind and body. The lemon-ginger infused green tea is an energizing blend to start your day with – it supports digestion and has loads of anti-oxidants and potassium that helps regulates blood pressure. The Tulsi Green Tea Pomegranate made with elderberry and pomegranate seeds balances metabolism and aids in weight loss while the Tulsi Green Tea Jasmine helps fight illness and uplifts your mood. Last but not the least, the Tulsi Green Tea Ashwagandha provides you with a powerhouse of energy to boost your day. Its benefits include stress reduction, mood stabilizing and anti-aging properties.

With ORGANIC INDIA’s promise of good health at every step, you can be assured that your infusion comes in non-bleached paper and staple-free tea bags that are packed in recycled paper cartons.

So go ahead, make this wonderful brew a daily habit for you and your family!