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Green Tea with Tulsi: Powerhouse of goodness!

Green Tea with Tulsi: Powerhouse of goodness!Did you know that green tea dates back to more than 3,000 years, and was first discovered in Southeast Asia? Known for its medicinal and therapeutic properties, it is no longer only part of Asian culture but has pervaded many parts of the world and has become a popular health drink.ORGANIC INDIA’s green teas are aromatic, soothing and make for a... Read More

Guide to Winter Wellness and Immunity

Winter brings a welcome drop in temperature but along with this comes a range of potential ails. Your immune system is called upon to be on high alert. It’s critical that you give it additional support this season, especially. With the health crisis still raging the world over, focusing on your immunity must be a top priority to ensure a winter of wellness. The best way to build up... Read More

Get the extra glow! Add facial oils to your routine

With moisturizers, serums, face mists, and lotions already in most people’s beauty arsenal, where do facial oils fit in? Read on to know moreWay back in 40BC, the beautiful Queen Cleopatra of Egypt used facial oils as part of her beauty regime. Legendary Indian beauty Mughal empress Noor Jehan created her own rose oil. Today, the trend comes full circle with beauty enthusiasts across the globe... Read More


ORGANIC INDIA ‘CLEAN’: HEAL AND GLOW FROM WITHINAn incredible detox program that has been tried-tested across age groups, professions and countries, the ORGANIC INDIA CLEAN program comes highly recommended. Read on to know the benefits and why it is absolutely critical you get on to the plan today!Here is what some users say:‘I was fast burning out! The program banished fatigue and upped my... Read More