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Food: A Modern Crisis

Over the last few centuries, we have redefined our relationship with Mother Nature from being a ‘nurturing mother’ to a ‘resource’. This fundamental shift in our relationship has had far-reaching consequences on every aspect of our lives. However, the one place where it has had a very profound impact is on the food we eat. The advent and proliferation of chemical-based agriculture in the last few decades has had the most adverse impact on two key stakeholders in our food production system: the small farmer and the consumer. Farmers are under great stress because chemical-based agriculture not only depletes the quality of land, water and the adjoining ecosystem, it is also exploitative and financially unviable. On the other hand, consumers are paying a higher price for their food (owing to the number of middle-men in the food supply chain). We are also paying a very heavy price in terms of the adverse impact on our health and the environment, caused by harmful, chemical-laden food.


What Can Be Done?

Both farmers and consumers wish to break away from the current situation. However, farmers realize how difficult it is to grow fresh food and find consumers who can pay a fair price. It is equally difficult for consumers to find a credible source of healthy fresh food at an affordable price while also being sure that the price they pay actually reaches the growers.

We Propose A Solution


It is this problem we aim to solve for both farmers and consumers. FABINDIA and its sister concern, ORGANIC INDIA, have pooled their resources and knowledge to create a unique enterprise called the Godwar Farmers Collective (GFC) working closely with marginal farmers.

FABINDIA, with its 60-year history of working with rural artisans and its expertise in community-owned companies is providing the access to markets and support to GFC in helping it achieve its goal of farmer benefits. ORGANIC INDIA, India's oldest certified organic farming company is providing its expertise in soil management, organic farming, seed banks, certification and finance to GFC. GFC works with 120 vegetable farmers. These farmers are based in the Aravali hills where the soil and water are relatively unpolluted. GFC has five objectives which will bring pride and honor back to small farmers by:

  • Providing a consistent market and higher prices for their produce. This increased income is necessary to make farming sustainable.
  • Helping convert them to organic farming and soil stewardship. For this, credible certification is essential to build consumer trust.
  • Helping them reduce external inputs so that 90% of what they earn is retained on their farms.
  • Helping them market their produce and create a new paradigm for business.
  • Earning the trust of customers by giving them the highest quality vegetables.

Building an authentic organic farmer network requires expertise, skill and long-term-commitment to meeting rigorous standards. Sadly, today, much of the food sold as organic has no certification, no traceability, no effective monitoring and is increasingly being used as a way to charge customers more for the produce.

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